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Royal Ascot Limo Hire from heathrow

Royal Ascot racing.....

Whether it is the event of the year or an alternative race meeting, transport to and from the event forms an integral part of the experience and yet, most people rely on price as method of differentiating between operators and all too often, they realise too late what folly this is. We make no apologies for being so blunt because year in and year out we receive a stream of calls from people who were let down or had to suffer the indignity of turning up in a 'piece of tin'. Typically, the decision has been made on price, or perhaps through a broker or third party, so no opportunity was provided to take up references or inspect the vehicle. The bottom line is experience and direct contact is essential if you are to enjoy a positive experience with your transport provider.

We invest in our vehicles all year round, because to us all events are important and we want our customers to have a positive experience. We offer a large range of chauffeur driven cars and American stretched limousines. Cars for Stars is the largest limousine hire franchise network in the UK, which means that we can offer a national service through locally managed and run branches. For your 'Local Branch', see the button to the left of this page.

We do not like to state that we have a 'standard service'., but we are happy to confirm that our Royal Ascot service includes an experienced chauffer, a modern limousine or chauffeur car, 2 bottles of wine and two bottles of French Champagne, in addition, we will provide free of charge the use of an open sided marquee and chairs. Our vehicles are also fitted with an onboard electric cooler box, should you want to store any additional refreshments. We know our limitation and therefore we cannot provide food, but we will attempt to accomodate any other requests.

We do not offer 'packages' which include parking and tickets, because there are other that are better qualified to offer this service, instead, we will offer you the most expereinced chauffeurs in the latest model vehicles at a very reasonable price. We will not outsource your hire to a third party nor will we promise something we simply can't deliver. We operate an open, transparent and friendly service, but above all as a full-time limousine operator we have all commited to the business and the customers we aim to serve.

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